'Mountain Sun' Soy Candle

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Our Newest travel candle; 'Mountain Sun’ is made with subtle hints of Grapefruit, Douglas Fir & Wild Orange essential oils!

Our candles are hand poured one at a time in our farmhouse kitchen, right in Rock Falls, Wisconsin + are never (ever) made with synthetic perfumes or fragrances! We only use 100% pure soy wax & doTerra essential oils!

 Size: 4 Ounces / 120 ml. The perfect size to take with you on your next adventure!

Ingredients; 100% natural made in the USA Soy Wax.

doTerra Essential Oils; Grapefruit, Wild Orange, Douglas Fir.

Non lead wick.

Reusable Glass jar.

More information about the specific essential oils in this candle;

Douglas Fir essential oil is extracted from the branches and leaves of a Douglas Fir tree.  Douglas Fir essential oil has many benefits that can assist with breathing, mood, and the appearance of skin. Main benefits: Cleansing and purifying of the skin, promotes a positive mood and sense of focus, promotes feelings of clear airways and easy breathing.

Grapefruit essential oil is beneficial for uplifting mood, promoting healthy skin, and cleansing or purifying. Main Benefits: Promotes clear, healthy looking skin, known to support healthy metabolism, renowned for powerful cleansing and purifying purposes.

Acts a natural pick me up and to promote a sense of focus.

Wild Orange essential oil is well known for its cleansing and purifying properties. Additionally, Wild Orange has an uplifting and refreshing aroma and offers multiple health benefits. Main benefits: Supports healthy immune function, powerful antioxidant for maintaining health, cleansing when used aromatically.  Wild Orange will help purify the air and adds an uplifting and energizing aroma.