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Find us at the following local Wisconsin shops: Mustard Seed Boutique-Eau Claire, Wi, The Local Maven-Holmen, Wi, The Shed-Altoona, Wi.
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Ruby's Road. Book cover shoot, South Dakota 2012.

"Kelly! I must tell you in no uncertain terms how much I love the cover shot you did for my next book, "Ruby's Road"! You took a vision I had and made it come alive. It was spot on!...perfect!! Seems to me, not many things in life turn out the way you planned it or how you thought it should be. When my wife Lynn showed me your work, I knew you had the deep soul and adventurous spirit needed to capture people's attention....And capture their attention you have! When I shared the cover with Barnes and Noble, they wanted to order copies immediately! Same goes with smaller stores and the public at large.(Alas,I still have six to seven months of work to complete it)
Thank you Kelly for a job well, here's to hoping my writing can keep up with the quality of your work!
Best Regards and continued success! Pat & Ruby"

Back in June of this year, I had the pleasure of mixing  travel + photography together -two of my favorite things to do!

My 8 year old son, Rayce and I set out on a 10 hour drive from Western Wisconsin to Western South Dakota to shoot the cover of Patrick Bettendorf's upcoming book, 'Ruby's Road.'     If you haven't yet heard of Pat's first book 'Rubys Tale', here is a summary of the book from their website;
"Found like unwanted trash in an abandoned house, Ruby grows up to achieve the impossible! Join her on a wonderful, wild odyssey that has been her life … a real doggie epic! Ruby is a service dog, a veteran of stage plays, worked at a radio station as a co-host and has appeared in newspapers around the world.

Meet the fascinating people, celebrities, and dogs Ruby has worked with, lived with, and helped along the way. Wait with Ruby and her family in the blistering South Dakota sun when the motor home breaks down, only to wish they hadn’t been rescued when they see the tow truck operators. Ruby flew to Hollywood to appear on The Bonnie Hunt Show. (Bonnie loved Ruby!) She had a driver, a limo and a four star hotel. … not bad for a little dog nobody wanted. But Ruby found that all that glitters was not always gold and then, cancer came a calling. Once again, with the help from an angel, Ruby rallied her indomitable spirit to survive.

Ruby’s story has it all: fun, gritty drama, high emotion, excitement, anger, laughter and betrayal. It is a living, breathing story that will leave adoptive pet parents cheering."

You can read more about Ruby and her story  here.

The day of the big shoot,  Pat, Rayce, Ruby, Sugar & I  woke up with the sun at 6am and set off on a drive to find the perfect shoot location.  We tried several places, including this dirt road;

Sugar (on the left) and Ruby (on the right) are such good dogs!  I was a little worried at first that Sugar with all of her spunk, may take off through the Badlands and not sit still for the shoot and Pat's next book would be called 'Chasing Sugar through the Badlands' ;) - but Ruby set such a good example for her to follow.  What good dogs!

As the morning continued and we looked for further locations to shoot at, we came around a corner and saw the curve in the road, the corner sign, the tree, the large towering Badlands down the road ahead of us, I got a feeling, that THIS was the spot!

If you are ever looking for a place to take a family vacation, I highly suggest the Badlands of South Dakota, my son is still talking about our road trip and is begging to go back.  Enjoy a few more photos from our adventure & in just a bit I will share the preview of the book 'Rubys Road' ! ;

Whether we are traveling on a paved or dirt road, the roads in Western South Dakota are beautiful!

The weather can be very extreme in the Badlands, during our trip, the hottest day was near 100.
We love adventure. My son is learning how to use the camera and capture photos of me on adventures. A majority of the time the photos he captures of me are candid or where I'm or walking back to the camera. Of course, he finds this very funny to shoot me when I'm not paying attention. ;)
My son is just as adventurous as me, I don’t know if that scares me , or makes
me proud . Either way- I love his adventurous spirit!
One evening we all decided to go on a sunset drive in search of wild life. There goes Pat & his family. towards Prairie Dog Town in Badlands National Park..hey wait for me guys!

What would any of my photo adventures be without a shot of a cool old truck?! I spotted this beauty just outside of Badlands National Park.
An abandoned home sits hidden by trees, in a lonely field of Western South Dakota.

As you can see, we love adventure, which is why shooting the cover of 'Rubys Road' was a perfect fit for Endless Acres Photography.   I was honored to be asked to be the photographer for the book, and enjoyed not just taking the photos, but the adventure along the way.      You've sat, begged, and rolled over to see the cover shot- so here it is;

Rubys Road came out in the Summer of 2013 and can be purchased at Barnes N Noble & many other online locations.

Pat, Ruby , Sugar & family, thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me share in this adventure with all of you!  I am truly blessed to now call you my friends and I look forward to our next adventure together!

Feel free to share this blog post with friends, family , and dog lovers everywhere.  Please do not save  or copy any images from this post.  If you are interested in purchasing photos please contact me.   

Thanks for reading!


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