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Find us at the following local Wisconsin shops: Mustard Seed Boutique-Eau Claire, Wi, The Local Maven-Holmen, Wi, The Shed-Altoona, Wi.
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Boogey's big adventure.

"True friendship is felt, not said." - Mariecris Madayag

Meet Boogey... He is a fun, loving, loyal, adventurous, tennis ball loving pit bull. He is something really special & I am writing today, to tell you his story.

Boogey was rescued by his current owner, Matt in July of 2009, after spending much time in a kennel and living with owners that didn't respect him or give him the attention he deserved.

Matt rescued Boogey, not only because he cared about his story, and the dog himself, but also in hopes that Boogey could be a postive example for others who misunderstand the pit bull breed itself.

Boogey is around 4 years old now, and unfortunately was diagnosed with lymphomia cancer right before Christmas in 2011. He quickly went from stage 1 to stage 4 of cancer in just 2 months time.

In the 3 years that Boogey has been with his new owner...

he has shown many people that he is a lovable, loyal dog-unlike any other....

he has changed the outlook and judgements many have had on pit bulls...

he has helped people grow...

he has changed lives...

and most of all...

he has put a smile on many peoples faces.

I was honored to be able to spend part of a day with both Boogey and his owner Matt, to capture not just photos of Boogey, but to create and capture memories that will last forever, and hopefully be used to show others the real heart of a pit bull. I love photo shoots that pull at my heart strings.. photo shoots that bring so much emotion to my heart... both sadness and joy all at the same shoots that when I get back home and look through all of the images, I can FEEL the feelings behind the photos. To me, that is true photography and the real beauty of it all.

One picture by me...that's all it took.....

.....just one click of the shutter, for Boogey to win my heart.

Matt, Boogey, (the Buick) , and I set out on our photo adventure, March 3rd, 2012, in Menomonie, Wisconsin. It was a great day for an afternoon of picture taking in the beautiful outdoors!

We started our adventure just outside of Menomonie. Right away I noticed the amazing connection Boogey shared with Matt...

These photos show us all, what true friendship looks like....

After a few photos of Boogey and Matt with the 1952 Buick Special Deluxe, we headed for a nice winter hike to snap a few more photos and let Boogey run around.... & eat tennis balls, his wonderful dog-self.

How could one not smile while looking at THIS beautiful & sweet dog? Just look at're smiling aren't you?

A beautiful day, a wonderful story...and one of the most memorable photo adventures I have been on yet. Remember, we are not to judge others OR animals before giving them a chance to tell us THEIR story.
I hope you enjoyed hearing Boogey's story, coming along on my latest photo adventure, and that you too can see the love, loyalty and true friendship in these photos.

Boogey & Matt, thank you for booking a very special outdoor photo adventure with me, it truly was a pleasure and a photo adventure that I will never forget.

Thanks for reading,


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