Find us at the following local Wisconsin shops: Mustard Seed Boutique-Eau Claire, Wi, The Local Maven-Holmen, Wi, The Shed-Altoona, Wi.
Find us at the following local Wisconsin shops: Mustard Seed Boutique-Eau Claire, Wi, The Local Maven-Holmen, Wi, The Shed-Altoona, Wi.
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Sweeping up the dust.

I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease back in October of 2015. (You can read more of my story , at the bottom half of this link. )  I am now on year 3 of this battle. Did I choose this path? Absolutely not. Did I temporarily fall to pieces when I found out? Yes. Did I quit? I most certainly did not.

I could have easily crumbled to the ground, fallen apart , and stayed there. But what kind of life would that have given me? Would I be using the full potential that God has planted within me, if I stayed down? No.

I definitely have  had my ups and downs over the past 3 years, and am now praising God that emotionally and mentally, I am at the best I have been. I still have my sadness and deep lows where I find myself in tears full of fear, pain and loneliness, but by the grace of God, I am able to pull myself up out of those valleys much faster than I was even a few months ago.

I had always thought that my relationship with God was the best it could be, prior to having Lyme Disease. I was so wrong. We are always growing closer to Him, through our joys and through our sorrows.

This ‘disease’ is no longer going to define me. It is no longer going to be WHAT I am, or WHO I am. It is just my current battle. I will no longer allow the negative thoughts to take over my mind, to rush around inside of my head like an uncontrollable dust storm.

Gods love is bigger than any dust storm. His love is sweeping up my negative dust, throwing it all away, and refilling those voids where the dust settled with His love and the beautiful reminder that His plan is bigger and better for me than I could ever imagine! Isn’t that beautiful? What more could I possibly ask for? I am loved, I am His, and I was put here on this Earth for a purpose by God, that only I can fulfill. That is incredible. Absolutely takes my breath away sometimes when I think about it. He chose me, for this path. I will not wander , I will not fear, I will not turn my back on Him, I will not be consumed by the Devils attacks in my mind and over my thoughts.

So where are you at today my friends? Are you currently facing a battle that you fear is too big for you? Do you have swarming dust of negativity taking over your mind? Give it to God. Let Him help you sweep out the negatives and fill your heart with reassurance that you are not in this alone and His purpose for you is incredible, beyond anything you can imagine. He cares, He loves you. You are so precious to Him, and He wants to use you!

Have a blessed day,

— Kelly W

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