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Find us at the following local Wisconsin shops: Mustard Seed Boutique-Eau Claire, Wi, The Local Maven-Holmen, Wi, The Shed-Altoona, Wi.
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Reflecting back.

Before I begin, let me start with a bit of a back story about when so many things in my life changed.   In October of 2015 my life and my health took a sudden dive for the worse, suddenly with no notice.   After a doctors visit, ER visits, swelling in my brain- I found out that I had Lyme Disease.

Receiving prayer two days after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know this, but Lyme isn’t always made better with antibiotics, in my case, the antibiotics made me incredibly sick and I eventually stopped taking them and did tons of research and in April of 2016 after saving money, started all natural treatment with a LLMD (Literate Lyme Medical Doctor).  I am still seeing my LLMD and on his natural tinctures and have seen amazing progress since first being diagnosed with Lyme in 2015.  You can read more of my story about Lyme here.


Emergency Room visit # 2 with swelling in my brain.

I spent so many nights over the course of the first year with Lyme, screaming in the back bedroom.  I would go and hide so no one had to see me in pain.  I would lay in there rocking back and forth with intense pain in my head, my neck, my ears and all over my body.  Even during intense pain, I didn’t want to bring anyone else down.

i go about life with a smile on my face, but most of the world doesn't know that I am usually in pain, in my head, neck ears or joints. They don’t know that I can’t even hold my left arm up any more when trying to curl my hair without it feeling like someone is trying to rip off my arm, they don’t know how many nights I lay awake with intense head pain and experience vivid , sometimes frightening dreams. They don't know that since 2015, I wake up up every day between 3-5am, for the day, no matter how tired I am..and I stay awake for the day, because I can not fall back asleep.

But, here comes the good stuff.....they do know that I am a fighter, because I don’t give up. They do know that I am strong, because my strength comes from God and I wear it proudly. They do know that I continue to have a positive mind-set, no matter what each day may bring.

3 whole years later and I am still fighting off Lyme Disease + co infections Babesia in my brain and Ehrlicia in my liver.  This has completely changed my world in a way nothing has before.  I look forward to sharing more with you over the next few weeks about the lessons I’ve learned from having Lyme and the positive changes that I have made in my life since.

Check back soon to read more about my experience the first few days of getting Lyme Disease , being diagnosed, and what I am doing to heal.

Thanks for reading, God bless!

-Kelly W

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