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Find us at The Shed 1519 Mayer Road Altoona, Wi + Mustard Seed Boutique in Eau Claire, Wi!
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Living in full color.

I wrote the following in April of 2016.


Now on month 7 of a battle against Lyme Disease, I find myself a changed person. Not just because I have an illness, but mentally, spiritually, all of me.

Life took me and tossed me into the center of a hurricane, with no notice.

When in the storm, I have had fears flowing all around me in the troubled waters, fears of death, fears of what my life will be like from here on out, fears of if I will even make it to tomorrow. With Gods help, over the past two weeks, those fears have fueled me to live life in a whole new way. Fear has given me a new set of eyes, and the ability to change my perspective and live my life in full color.

The grass is greener, the blue sky is bluer, the littlest bumble bee makes my heart feel loved by God and the moments my children wake me up in the night, seem sweeter.

We are on this Earth for a purpose! I am looking forward to seeing how God uses my storm to make the world a better place, and to allow me to make an impact and inspire those around me.

My eyes have been transformed. I was given an illness, and I have the power to use that for Gods good! My soul has come alive, my God is living so vividly inside of me. Each drop of rain that falls during the storm, down onto my face feels like His love pouring onto me.

Eyes; Kelly Whitman

Give me eyes that see

the goodness all around me

Let me seek all that you have made

To be full of beauty that may never fade

Give me eyes that shine

your light onto those I find

Give me eyes that love

With endless grace from up above

Let me feel each drop of rain

In the storm & during the pain

Give me eyes that see

The blessings that surrounds me.

There are always blessings during the storms in life. One of the greatest blessings I have been given was a change of perspective. I suddenly feel like material items have very little value to me. I am in the process of minimizing all that I have. Stuff doesn’t matter anymore. I want to travel, to love, to live, to make memories, to meet new people, to see new places, and to truly live my life in full color!

How about you? Do you really SEE life in full color? Do you really live each day to the fullest? Will you dance in the rain or will you complain and grumble about the weather? What will it take for you to live your life in full color?

Thanks for reading,

Blessings- Kelly W

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