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Find us at the following local Wisconsin shops: Mustard Seed Boutique-Eau Claire, Wi, The Local Maven-Holmen, Wi, The Shed-Altoona, Wi.
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Inner Compass.

"Blessed is the man whose trust is in the Lord, whose confidence is in him." - Jeremiah 17:7


Are you familiar enough with direction, to know where you are, without needing a map? (this includes your iphone, gps too!) Could you travel from East to West, and end at an exact location given to you by someone else, without a map to a place you had never been before?  Chances are, no.   But what would happen, if you still, traveled cross country without a map, but you asked for directions as you traveled along?  Going as far as you could, then pulling over and asking for help? Over, and over again, until you reached your destination.   Do you think, traveling with guidance, you could then end at the exact location you were supposed to end your journey at?

What would happen if in your own life, you threw away (or set aside) your actual road map, and trusted God more often on your journeys and adventures?  What would your life look like?  More adventurous? More spontaneous?  More fun?  More...getting lost perhaps?    How does that make you feel?   Do you feel like you always have to know what is coming next, like you have to always be in control.   Sometimes in life, I think we need to sit back, and trust our inner compass.   We need to trust the intuitions and feelings that we feel deep down in our soul, that come from God.    I believe this to be true in life, and even on my back road driving adventures.

Over the past few years, I have practiced more and more, to take a drive and set aside my iphone gps, and to just go where I feel led to.   The more I have done this, the more I can hear that intuition, or that inner compass, and the more beautiful places I have been led to!

A few years ago I was trying to teach my 10 year old son how to use a compass.   It can be a bit confusing, if you do not practice using it, over and over again.   Sometimes, the best way to learn how to use a compass, is to plop yourself deep in the woods, and get yourself out, only using the compass.   God sometimes can do this in our lives.    He can throw us into the middle of a storm, leaving us with no idea what is coming next, no idea when the storm will end, and no idea where we are.  But he does equip us with the ability to always known which was is North , for North is always HIM.  Can we survive the waves of the storm without trusting God, to be our inner compass and lead us safely to shore?     God is our lifeline, he is our hope in the storm, our compass when we are lost.   The more we trust him in our troubles, the more we rely on him and the intuitions and feelings he gives us in our souls, I believe the more we hear Him, and the more confident and trusting we become as new storms hit.

Just like we learn to use a real compass over time, we must exercise our trust and faith in God.    We must always be patient with the process of learning.  It is not easy.   But it is possible.  Take time every day, to just listen for HIM to talk to you, to hear HIM, to feel HIM in your heart.   Then, over time, take that 5 minutes a day and expand it into longer times,  then eventually, I challenge you to head out onto a back road.  Set down the map, gps, phone, and just GO.   Trust Him, trust the adventure, trust the journey and trust the process, that you will be lead to somewhere amazingly beautiful!!!

A compass doesn't continue to move, unless we move with it.  So when God leads you into unfamiliar terrain, will you tremble?  Or will you march forward in confidence, checking in with him often for guidance as to where to go next?

We must keep moving forward in the direction that points us to N, step by step, turn by turn, wherever it may lead us, we must know and trust, even in the unknown, that it will lead us to the exact place we are meant to be at, at the exact moment we are meant to be there.

Take a look at the instructions below that I found on how to use a compass:

"When you are going to use this tutorial, it is essential that you have a compass in your hand.   Then you have to use it. First, go out in your backyard. Well, you'll need a place covered by a map. Then try it out, on just a short distance, hundred meters or yards or so. Then go for greater and greater challenges, and soon, you'll hopefully be able to travel safely in unfamiliar terrain."

Do you see how even a simple online tutorial for using a compass relates to our faith in God, and trusting our own inner compass that he has gifted us with?!   It is so amazing what happens when you truly give your life to the Lord and trust that he will lead you to each destination you are meant to make a stop at. 

When we trust Him, to lead us , and when we follow Him , with our whole hearts to be our inner compass, He will help us to make sure that we end at the right destinations, some, that will even take our breath away.

Remember friends, never be afraid to trust an unknown future , to a known God.

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