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Find us at The Shed 1519 Mayer Road Altoona, Wi + Mustard Seed Boutique in Eau Claire, Wi!
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God is bigger.

Satan has one mission- to take us down. He will find our weakness & use it to try & win us away from Gods promises. He wants nothing more than to consume our minds with fear, negatives & pull us away from Gods love.

During the middle of the night sometime last year, I found myself laying awake with chest pains & shortness of breath, due to a battle with Lyme Disease.

During my pain & insomnia, guess who showed up right on time, to consume my thoughts? You got it. Satan. He filled my head with worries , of death, of thoughts that I will die soon, because of Lyme Disease, that my children will grow up without their mother, that I won’t get to live past 32. He continually creeps into my head & tells me that my always on the go, adventurous lifestyle is over, that I will never be able to be the adventure loving, hard working woman that I was prior to getting Lyme Disease. His cold words filled my head at 1:32 am , with lies.

Satan wants us to believe that if our circumstances fall apart, we will too.

God tells me the battle is already won! In Jesus, I am already saved.

Let Gods promises sink deep into your spirit. Throw Satan’s lies right back at Him. Put on the full armor of God every single day. Let your mind be so full of Gods word & His love that Satan has no voids to fill in your heart.

When you find your mind starting to fill up with Satan’s false words, it may be a good idea to pray, or get out your Bible & fill your mind & heart with the word of God.

Thanks for reading! Have a blessed day,

— Kelly W.

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