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Find us at The Shed 1519 Mayer Road Altoona, Wi + Mustard Seed Boutique in Eau Claire, Wi!
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A stroll around the farm gardens.

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Spring is my absolute favorite time of year. (Of course, if you asked me again later this year, I would say Fall was my favorite. I sincerely try to embrace every season that I am gifted.)

Everything is so fresh, so new, so full of vibrant life. My soul jumps up and down with excitement as the snow melts, the temperatures rise, and the little peaks of green start showing in my garden. As Spring unfolds, so do the blossoms on all of my flowers.  

We choose to fill our lives with busy don't we? We always say 'Oh I'm too busy for that,' or 'I don't have time.' But, I challenge you to really look at your life, break it down hour by hour, minute by minute if you have to- and I promise you, you do have the time. You do have time to take a walk and smell the roses, you do have time to lay on the floor and play cars with your son, you do have time to read your daughter a book- every night before bed.  Time is a precious gift, and as the seasons change, time just keeps on moving forward. We must move with it, but we must also slow down and embrace the seasons, the days, and the simple, sweet moments that come in between the busy and the chaos.

A day off of work for me usually means catching up on dishes, laundry, my own business ventures and home school for the kids. Today I carved out time, while they were both eating lunch, to take a wander outside around the gardens that I have worked so hard on since we moved in back in 2013.  5 acres of farmland, 5 acres of beauty and I truly don't get out to enjoy it enough. It is time to make time to slow down and appreciate all that life has right in front of us. 

We had a nice rainfall the other day, and you mix that with 80 degree temperatures, and the flowers and trees come alive here in Wisconsin!


 It is amazing what just a few minutes of solitude does for ones soul. Even the ol' farm dog Django loves being outside and soaking up the sunshine!

I hope you enjoyed today's little wandering. Come back again soon, and we'll take another stroll together!

Thanks for reading,


  • Tami on

    Kelly, Thank you so much for sharing. These pictures and your words did much for my soul this morning! Please keep giving us more. You have a lovely gift of writing and creating. Tami

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