Curbside hutch makeover.

I am someone who loves a good transformation story, whether it be about someone’s own life or simply the transformation of a forgotten piece of furniture. This curbside hutch is definitely a transformation that makes the DIY’er in me skip for joy.

A few months ago, I transitioned from living in a farmhouse out in the country to a small townhouse in the city. This process wasn’t an easy one, but it forced me to minimize drastically and to step back and look at what really matters in life. In order to make my move easier, I left a lot behind and also donated a lot to our amazing local thrift store, Hope Gospel Mission Bargain Center. Once settled into the new townhouse, I knew that there would be furniture pieces I would need to find in order to make things here work and have some kind of organization. I believe everything should have a place, or it doesn’t belong. Yes, I’m one of those people who thrives off of organization and order in a home.

Feeling a bit disorganized in my kitchen, with minimal storage, I knew I needed something to act as a storage space for my special dishes, as well as a space to act as my ‘office junk drawer’ which would hold loose papers, mail, pens, scissors, etc. I knew I couldn’t spend any extra money on furniture that month, so I was just waiting, hoping something would come along at the right price: free.

Then…shortly after I moved in, I saw an online post for a free hutch. Not just any hutch, but a mid-century modern hutch that was begging for some tender loving care. I, without hesitation, contacted the seller, hopped in my van, and headed over to get it immediately. The hutch was halfway across the leaf filled lawn. I opened the back of the van, walked up the the hutch, went to pick it up… and realized it was heavier than I had anticipated, so I stepped back, looked at it, and had the typical DIY’er thought “Is it worth, hurting my arms, legs and back, to get this home?” The answer, was of course, “Yes!” So, pondering for a minute, I tried to think of how I could get this across the lawn solo. I tilted it on it’s side and pulled it across the lawn, carrying about 50% of the leaves in the lawn with it. If anyone was watching out their windows, I’m certain that they were slightly entertained. A few leg bruises later, I had lifted it up into my van, and got it home safe and sound.

Here it is before I started working on it, once I set it in my kitchen, without the glass and the bottom two doors:

HutchbeforeI gave it a good wash, and got to work. Using Beyond Paint’s color ‘Pebble’ I gave it two coats of paint and let it rest. I truly think waiting for paint to dry is one of the hardest thing for a go-getter who just wants to get a project done! (*ahem* me!) After waiting impatiently, the hutch was dry, complete and ready to be staged! The best part!

I gathered items I had in my booth at The Shed, and a few other items I had just moved out of boxes. As I’m writing this, it has already been re-staged and has a few different things inside and on top! I will post an updated  photo soon, for anyone who is interested in how I style my hutch, just give me a shout in the comment area below.

Here she is in all of her mid-century modern glory:


Here is a side by side of the before and after so you can really see the transformation:


A few photos of the inside:






Having a small kitchen, a piece like this, although it takes up room, it is an essential piece for staying organized, and can serve as many different things, as I can change out what I store inside, anytime I’d like.

Remember to always try to have eyes that see potential, where others see nothing. There is so much beauty to be found, if we look at what something can be, instead of what it is.

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