Nantucket blue table.

When I saw this table sitting full of dust and dirt hidden behind other furniture in a thrift store, I knew it had to come home with me.  I thought that this table would be perfect for adding some height and a little bit of storage space into my booth at The Shed in Altoona, so into my trunk it went, dust, dirt and all.


I gave the table a good wash and got right to painting with my favorite color from Beyond Paint, called ‘Nantucket’.  I have painted many pieces this color and just love the way they turn out every time.  This color reminds me of the old hutch my parents have that was my dads Grandfathers, and it is painted in a color name my dad made up after my Grandpa who painted everything this blue, ‘Richard John Blue.’ This color from Beyond Paint is almost identical and it helps me to feel a little bit connected to the past in a small way. I’m always looking for ways to connect myself to those who were before me, and especially those who were handy-men and women in my family in the past. This color does that for me.

Here is the side table after a few coats of Nantucket.




I love this transformation and really enjoy the whole before and after process that comes along with projects like this one, and seriously look at those baby cowboy boots? I just had to add those! I picked up the boots at a thrift store with the intent to sell in my booth, but just can’t let go of them yet! Soon, they along with this table, and the pitchers shown above will make their way into my booth at The Shed 1519 Mayer Road in Altoona, WI! (OR if you are interested in purchasing anything shown -other than my Grandma’s  books;) just let me know before I haul them into my booth!)

I hope you enjoyed this quick & easy transformation and that it inspires  you to take on your own painting projects!


Paint used : Beyond Paint. ‘Nantucket’ 


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